Monday, November 8, 2010

The Crews

I'm the man who post this. I'm Dipo or some people call me Made.
I'm a street photographer and i don't write.
My job is traveling, traveling, and traveling

He is Surya or he call himself Anarcho.
He writes and a photographer too. He's a "Blackberry Boy" so ask his pin now, dude! LOL!

This is Harbiw. We call him The Manager.
He is a photographer and i don't know what kind of photography he shots.
Maybe he writes too.

He is Aldo. He looks like a 70's guy but maybe he is younger than that.
He is a landscapist photographer and he also writes something like "GALAU" moment. LOL!

He is Firman. He is a photographer although we don't know what kind of photo he shot.
BIG FIRMAN! Rawwwwrrr!

She is Dira but we should call her "Cebol" because she is the shortest and the "unyu-est" because of her hair. LOL!
She's designer, modeling photographer and she writes too.
If you wanna be shot, call her.

So this is our crew. We are the people who try to catch every moment and write it. We share all of we have about life here. Maybe it can be useful for you, guys. So here we are, Kambing Crews!

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